When you look at Blue Zone Organizations like Haier, Semco or Buurtzorg, you see CEO's with a vision where 'ownership' of employees primarily is the base of an engaged workforce. This, in its turn, leads to outstanding companies with remarkable results.

As we said earlier, we don't have the ambition to change your organization in a Blue Zone Organization. But with a Learning Culture you have the potential to join the 6% Club of best performing organizations worldwide! And, maybe even more important, these organizations are extremely attractive to work for (Employee engagement index of 81%).

Stichting Organisatie Leren - SOL - measures of succes

So, then the question arises, which comes first? Is it the the learning organization (chicken) that creates an engaged workforce (the egg)? Or is it the other way around?

Researching this question we discovered it's neither one of them. The magic is in building the right hen house!

Don't focus yourself on creating an engaged workforce! Focus yourself on creating the right environment where employees feel save and respected, have autonomy in their work which is challenging and purposeful.

Learning Leadership plays an essential role in creating such an environment where working and learning become one (see the HOW module).

Chicken or Egg? The magic is in building the right hen house!

It's all about creating the right context, the physical, social and mental environment (the Learning Culture) that provides the foundations for a sustainable "chicken & egg production". It's magical!

Patrick Bijman

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