An important aspect, connected to Learning Culture, is the change in focus from shareholder- to stakeholder value. Based on a change of the focus on result to the focus on learning. Not as a goal in itself, but as a means to improve the results for all stakeholders:

  • The customers: organizations with a learning culture deliver more quality. They learn from their customers more easily and effectively. 
  • The employees: organizations with a learning culture are more attractive to work for. With a 81% score on engagement you can attract and retain good personel. 
  • The shareholders: the owners of the organization will be happy because you achieve a organization that thrives on change and a sustainable business model that is profitable.
  • The suppliers: the supplying and purchasing parties can prosper on the success of the organization by speeding up their own innovation process and help reducing time to market.
  • Society: even society can eventually prosper as a whole, because learning organizations make more conscious and sustainable choices.

When your organization is based on a culture of learning, the focus is on improvement and renewal, all the time.

Change is part of daily business and is more of a challenge then a burden in a learning culture.

Patrick Bijman


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