Action Plan (part 3)

In part 1 and part 2 you described the Why and How to develop, implement and maintain a (more) Learning Culture in your organization?

At the end of this Learning Journey you know the magical results it can lead to. But you also know what it takes to realize such goals in practice.

The most important question is hidden within yourself: "Do I believe enough in myself to start up this development process towards a more Learning Culture? Do I have enough faith in myself to travel the long, but sustainable road?

The second most important question is hidden within your colleagues: "Do I want these changes leading to a more Learning Culture? What does it bring me? What does it take from me?"

If the first question is answered positively you have to prepare for the second and become very practical. What you need is a roadmap, focussing more on controlling the process than on reaching results.

With an overview of questions to be asked, decisions to be made, facilitation to be organized and tools/programs to start. Leading to necessary investments and potential outcomes (if possible, define outcomes not as a KPI but as a learning goal).

Try to define all the enablers and blockers for the road ahead. Be aware of the fact you cannot predict them all and that you stay flexible so you can respond swiftly when needed.

Remember it takes at least 40 days for people to fundamentally change their behavior. So, keep investing in this learning climate, instead of focussing on learning itself!

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