Action Plan (part 2)

You finish up the How-module by writing the second part of your Action Plan. You can use the Change from Within methodology:

  • Learning Leadership: To realize a culture of learning in your organization you need the support and inspiration of middle/line management. Without it, you will have great difficulty in achieving sustainable results.
  • Team Learning: In a Learning Culture working and learning are integrated into one. The use and effectiveness of this principle becomes most clear in Learning Practice Teams. A methodology for solving wicked problems or achieving innovative ambitions.
  • Personal Mastery: There are no learning organizations without learning individuals working on their personal- and professional knowledge and experience. With special attention to on the job learning (70:20:10 principle).
  • Organizational Learning: Changing a culture means changes at every level of the organization. So how do you stay in control? Don't focus to much on results. Create the fundaments for learning and trust the process.

To convince the managementteam you need to have an appealing toolbox. With the focus on the easiness and effectiveness. 

It's good to write this part of the Action Plan to finish up the How-module. But realize yourself you will probably change parts of it because of the new insights you get from the What-modules (see the 'learning arrows' in the image above).

The toolbox to create a (more) Learning Culture must be easy to implement and maintain, and must be effective in its use.

But, most important, it must be based on the intrinsic desire of human mankind to learn and develop!

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