We get our inspiration from Blue Zone organizations. Exceptional organizations that perform well, both on the fact that they have an engaged workforce and that they achieve remarkable results in this fast changing world.

We want to be clear that we don't expect you to become one of the five best performing organizations in the world. But surely it's possible to become a learning organization and become member of the top 6% performing organizations (see level 4 in the maturity model for corporate learning / Bersin).

To become such a high performing learning organization you have to develop, implement and maintain a Learning Culture in your organization. The power of a Learning Culture is in its simplicity. Create the right foundation for learning, and learning takes off, just by itself! It's just like agriculture. When you make sure the soil is of good quality you have a sustainable model for growth. 

Learning is a means to an end. When the right ingredients are there, learning automatically will take place (see 1.4 Learning Principles). So, our advice is not to focus on learning itself, but to create the optimal circumstances (physical, social and mental) for learning to take off and create magical living organizations.

Stichting Organisatie Leren - SOL - freerun

The greatest challenge is in 'letting go'. If you have developed a learning culture, with all the ingredients in place, then it's time to 'leg go'. To take a deep dive in the unexpected.

How to develop a learning culture will be explained in more detail in the rest of this learning journey. With the acquired knowledge and insights you hopefully feel save enough, in time, to trust the process and let the magic do it's work.

It's our mission as SOL to facilitate organizations to become living organizations.

Based on the creation of a Learning Culture.

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