Before you hit the road on this Learning Journey we want to share some of our basic learning principles with you. In the video you can see the principles for adult learning. But even more important are the underlying basic principles of learning (see below).

Hopefully you share our principles of learning. These are fundamental requirements for this Learning Journey to make sense. Every now and then we will refer to one of these basic learning principles in this Learning Journey.

Learning = living: Every human being is made to learn. Without learning there is no growth. And without growth there is no life. "I have been a student my entire life. I crave new information and enjoy exploring areas in which I have little or no knowledge. To me, constant learning is an essential part of life and I can’t imagine not having the drive to pursue it" (source).

Learning = socialHuman beings have an intrinsic drive to learn and are social creatures by nature. Research by LinkedIn shows a 30 times lift in learner engagement for social learning! A huge potential! How do you organize and facilitate this?

Learning = change: There is no change without learning. Learning is change, and change is learning. Every change is connected to learning, positive or negative. A lot of change projects fail. It’s not that people don’t like change, they don’t like being changed! In a culture of empowerment, ownership, and accountability people will embrace change as long as they are part of the change. If you focus on learning & development (proactive) instead of change (re-active), it works out both ways;

  1. Personal growth (personal mastery / become certain in an uncertain world)
  2. Organizational development (managing change / getting better results)

Learning = working: There is no working without learning, conscious or unconscious. The challenge is to connect everyday work with everyday learning. As an answer to the ambition of developing continuous learning programs within organizations. Research at McKinsey shows that everyday experiences and interactions offer tremendous learning opportunities, but only if you intentionally treat every moment as a learning opportunity. With a positive (growth) mindset and a healthy curiosity the basic foundations for learning are present.

In a Learning Culture, separate Life Long Development programs are not needed anymore.

When working and learning become one, life long learning is part of everyday business!

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