Basically, you can join this Learning Journey in three ways:

  • Alone: This is the easiest way. And very useful if you are happy with new inspiration or ideas. But if you are serious about creating a Learning Culture in your organization, it is difficult to reach lasting results if you are on your own. Alone you go fast, together you go far.

  • Together: We strongly urge you to travel this Learning Journey together with one or more colleagues, friends, partners or managers. One of the things that many organizations miss when they design or roll out digital learning or modules that people can take is that a lot of learning happens through social interactions and conversations. And, even more important, people learn better together There is a 30x lift in learner engagement.

  • Community of Practice: You can share your learnings with other learning teams. Every quarter you can join a Community of Practice, facilitated by SOL Netherlands. Every month we organize an online meeting where one or more teams present their learnings, working on the development of a (more) learning culture.

If you can enlist other people around you—it could be peers, it could be your manager, it could just be friends that you have in your office—in your learning and to hold each other accountable for what you’re trying to work on, that actually goes a long way to ensuring the success of the learning. Part of that is we’re all just better when we have an accountability buddy. But part of it is when you’re transparent about what you’re trying to learn or trying to work on, other people start noticing it more and can give you more helpful feedback (Matthew Smith / McKinsey).

If you want to team up, but you don't have one or more colleagues to work with? Then contact SOL for a worldwide match.

You can post your request to connect to other Learning Journey members or to members of our SOL community.

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