1.6.1 Let’s introduce ourselves

We are Nicolette, Camilla, Tebogo, Maninder, Finn and Patrick. We are all members of the Society for Organizational Learning, located in different SOL-communities, all over the world.

We produced this Learning Journey for you. And we want to share with you our personal motivation to do so.

Stichting Organisatie Leren - SOL - Nicolette Groen1

Nicolette Groen (SOL Netherlands): My motivation for joining the Learning Journey is to make the working place a better place for workers and organization. Where people are happier, more engaged (and less absent and have less accidents). And engagement and happiness at work create more flexible and creative people.

There are many ways to get more engagement and work happiness, but for me the most important things are that people need to be challenged, able to learn and develop (in work and personal), can use their talents, feel appreciated and feel they do work that matters. Creating a learning culture is a way of facilitating people by creating an environment for learning and development.

Camila Amaya Castro (SOL France): My why is to contribute (enable the conditions) for others to be better empowered for self-realization and be actors of their own lives, to make the collective living a better one. As we spend most of our time on our work, in a world driven by ‘economy’, I’m driven to embrace this ‘why’ in the business environment.

Our multi-cultural, multi-national team has turned out to be most satisfactory. It is helping me find voice to things that I’ve often felt but did not find where to give it a place. (north versus south, corporate versus informal economies, gender, …)

Stichting Organisatie Leren - SOL - Tebogoo

Tebogoo Mogaleemang (SOL Botswana): Our industries are characterized by low productivity and low global competitiveness. Corporates here are struggling with creating Learning Cultures to support modern business demands. Digitalization and Covid-19 have since compounded the challenge. I am keen to participate in this E-spiration to co-learn and co-create a product that can enable organizations to address these challenges and harness the human capacity of its people and other tools (technology included) to create value in a sustainable way. I believe that building agile Learning Cultures is essential for that.

Maninder Khalsa (SOL India): My personal motivation for this Learning Journey comes from my own personal experience and belief in continuous learning. I've grown in my personal and professional life as a learner. I experimented, learnt, and shouldered different responsibilities on the way. This has enabled me to have much wider horizon and greater level of personal satisfaction in my professional journey. No doubt, I was supported by many of my colleagues and my bosses in my endeavor for learning.

The Timing is Right. I see the environmental factors are going to push individuals and organizations to prioritize the learning agenda. The future that Peter Senge predicted about 30 years back is going to be a reality now. As SOL community, we can contribute to need through this MOOC, which will create a framework and provide tools for L&D professionals to support individual employees and organizations on learning journey.

Finn Hampel (Student / Germany): If all goes well, I will be working the 60s and 70s of this decade. What jobs, that we know today, will be left by then? What will work and companies look like? What will every day life look like? In face of pressing global issues and an ever accelerating world, a “stable” career becomes an illusion, for myself and most my generation. Moreover it seems as if our ways of organizing teams, organizations and societies are struggling to keep up the with the pace of the world around us. However increasing our capacity to change is not just a requirement but also an exciting prospect. I am curious about what the future has to offer.


Patrick Bijman / editor of this Learning Journey (SOL Netherlands): The need for creating a Learning Culture is huge. We cannot solve new problems with old organizational concepts and structures. To do so we have to create an inspiring work- and learning environment in which we can develop the necessary innovations to deal with societal change and to create new products and services to accommodate our societal ambitions.

I want to facilitate organizations to become 'living organizations'. Magical places with an engaged workforce and learning leadership leading to more innovation power, an agile organization and a higher productivity. For this you need to develop a Learning Culture. For me the biggest challenge is in formalizing informal learning; integrating working and learning into one, and to make this proces toward 'living organizations' very practical!

In a Learning Culture we integrate working and learning into one.

By doing so we automatically make more conscious choices. Creating happier places to work and a more sustainable world. Together!

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