1.2.1 Our metaphors: The power of nature

We start this Learning Journey with the end in mind. For this we use several metaphors, each based on Nature.

First Metaphor: Blue Zones are magical: "Blue zones are defined areas where the population shares a specific lifestyle and living environment and where people live measurably longer" (Wikipedia).

We get our inspiration from Blue Zone organizations. We don't expect you to become one of the five best performing organizations worldwide. But, inspired by Blue Zone organizations you can become a learning organization, funded on the solid foundation of a Learning Culture.

Only 6% of all organizations worldwide become such a high performing learning organization, including a fully engaged workforce. Join our Learning Journey to find out what your possibilities are! 

Second metaphor: The Magic of a Learning Culture is in its simplicity. Create the right foundation for learning, and learning takes off, just by itself! It's magical!

It is just like agriculture. When you make sure the soil is of good quality you have a sustainable model for growth. 

Third metaphor: Every human being is made to learn. Without learning there is no growth. And without growth there is no life.

"I have been a student my entire life. I crave new information and enjoy exploring areas in which I have little or no knowledge. To me, constant learning is an essential part of life and I can’t imagine not having the drive to pursue it(source).

Fourth metaphor: When we started developing this Learning Journey we came up with the question: Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Is it the the learning organization (chicken) that creates an engaged workforce (the egg)? Or is it the other way around?

We discovered it's neither one of them. It's the henhouse that does the trick (facilitation).

Fifth metaphor: For developing, implementing and maintaining a culture of learning, Learning Leadership is crucial. 

For this we use the metaphor of the Learning Leader as gardener. Middle management, being responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining a meaningful working- and learning environment for their teams. 

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Change from Within

Based on these metaphors and our research we developed our so called "Change from Within model". A model to develop, implement and maintain a culture of learning in your organization. Building on your long term LEARNING CAPACITY. With positive effects for staff, teams and the organization. Yes, even for society, because in organizations with a Learning Culture more conscious choices will be made.

So the most important message of this Learning Journey is to use the power of nature.

Just work on your LEARNING CAPACITY and let change come from within. It's magical!

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