2.2.1 Fundamental & systemic approach

Why do you want to invest in creating a Learning Culture? Do you really believe in the concept? Is it resilient? Inclusive? Service oriented?

With this Learning Journey on how to develop, implement and maintain a Learning Culture in your organization we focus on the long term effects.

  • Creating a pro-active, agile and learning organization
  • to match future personnel demand and supply
  • while facilitating the right working- and learning environment
  • in which participants acquire skills "on the job"
  • with which they can participate sustainably in new (working)situations,
  • in order to solve challenging issues in a continuously changing society.

Changing a culture is not easy, everybody knows that. It takes time to change behavior. And you need a systemic/holistic approach. This means that you should look at the whole and not at the individual parts. 

Our advice is simply not to focus on changing the culture itself! Create the right circumstances and learning takes of just by itself!

To realize such a development it is crucial to train middle/line/operational management (mindset, skillset & toolset), and let them change the physical, social and mental working environment of their teams/departments. The next step is to develop or buy simple but effective tools for personal- and team learning (see the HOW module).


We challenge you to write yourself an action plan on how to develop, implement and maintain a Learning Culture in your organization. 

One of the first steps in this action plan is to write down your vision on this subject. What do you believe in? What is the potential outcome? Is your vision attractive? Logical? Inviting? Simon Sinek has some tips.

Our suggestion: Keep It Super Simple (KISS). Especially when you have to work on different levels at the same time to create a culture of learning. We give you some suggestions in more detail in the next chapters.

Investments in training and education are useless in a poor learning climate.

With a Learning Culture you invest in the long term Learning Capacity of the organization.

Patrick Bijman

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