Action Plan (part 1)

You finish up the Why-module by writing the first part of your Action Plan.

  • Introduction/cause: Write a short but appealing introduction for your action plan. What was the reason/cause/interest in a Learning Culture?
  • Vision: Describe your personal vision; a Learning Culture as a fundament for an agile, learning, living organization. With an engaged workforce and learning leadership.  Improving the long term learning capacity of the organization.
  • Mission: Describe your mission for developing, implementing and maintaining a Learning Culture in your own organization, as being part of a Learning & Development team, Talent Team or Human Resource Management team etc.

To get the support and  approval of the managementteam you need to write an inspiring Vision document. A sort of resume of the Action Plan as a whole, with the focus on the long term potential of the development and implementation of a Learning Culture.

It's good to write this part of the Action Plan to finish up the Why-module. But realize yourself you will probably change parts of it because of the new insights you get from the How- and What-modules. This is illustrated by the 'learning arrows' in the image above (natural delays).

Never compromise on your vision!

With the vision document you inspire people and connect on a higher level.

Patrick Bijman 

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