Workshop 2: Learning and development in the daily practice of organizations

In this workshop, Marjonne van den Hout will talk about her experiences with 'learning to learn' and the influence of the context and stakeholders on the willingness, ability and permission to learn and develop in organizations. She knows better than anyone in which playing field learning and development takes place and sees both great successes and struggles. She is a passionate driver of learning in organizations and has extensive experience with various initiatives in this area. She connects and guides people to join forces, on different levels and subjects.

 “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I'll remember. Let me experience and I understand.” - Confucian

Learning and development in organizations is not always self-evident. The fact that it is necessary to keep up with the changing environment is not only in the interest of (business) organizations, but also for the employees. In addition to the traditional forms of learning, more and more attention is being paid to other forms of learning and development. This development also has its challenges. One of them is 'How do we learn to learn in organizations and what impact do the different stakeholders have on the effects of the learning interventions'.

Marjonne has gained a lot of experience about these and other challenges you encounter in learning and development. In the workshop she will discuss, among other things, the practical situations of the joint learning trajectories in the field of personal mastery for (young) professionals for a large number of companies in the industry. She also involves stakeholders, such as managers and HR, who, together with a mentor, trainers and a coach, facilitate and guide the learning and development of (young) professionals. This integrated approach contains a number of principles: learning with and from each other, setting goals in the context of work and the organization, learning to reflect, use and strengthen talents and the transfer of what has been learned from the work environment to the learning environment and vice versa.

The experiences in these processes are valuable and always lead to interesting insights, both success factors and new elements in which organizations can be helped further. Wanting, being able and being allowed to learn for the participants as well as all other stakeholders is an example of this.

In addition to this learning path, Marjonne is active on many other fronts when it comes to learning and personal or team development. For example, she organizes and guides mastermind groups for those with final responsibility in the business community, learning networks for professional professionals and she coaches teams and professionals in organizations. Marjonne also draws from these experiences to expand her insights and shares them in this workshop.

As a coach and process facilitator, Marjonne van den Hout guides leaders and professionals who want to take ownership and responsibility for themselves and for what they have in mind. She has made many flying hours and in everything she does she brings her practical knowledge, as well as a good dose of life experience. She is trained as a training expert and coach, and is registered as a senior practitioner coach with the NOBCO.

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