Workshop 4: Youth and Personal Mastery

During this workshop young people of different ages and different backgrounds give their perspective on the theme of the day: Personal Mastery.

In the morning before the Learning Organization day, the young people work on the theme with Peter Senge. Peter will inspire them and Guus Geisen will investigate the theme with the young people using the tools of systems thinking. During the workshop in the afternoon, the young people share the insights they have gained during the morning. What does personal mastery mean to us? Why is it important to develop personal mastery as a young person? How do you give it form and content and what do you do in these times of major changes?

Guus Geisen has been working with young people for many years on complex issues from the adult world. Time and time again it appears that young people are capable of it and that they can make adults think with their fresh and innovative perspective. How often do young professionals have to adapt to the existing system before they are taken seriously and seen? Young people live closer to the future than the more experienced adults and they have more life experiences with which we have a golden combination.

During the workshop, the young people share their perspective on personal mastery, why they think it's important, how you can develop it and what your behavior might be in the process. They also show how they came to these insights during the morning. The use of the tools and the work process can be applied in any organization. As a participant you will not only enjoy the experiences of the young people. You also learn how to investigate a complex issue with your team and you can apply that in your own organization the next day.

This workshop is therefore not only intended for people from education. Yes, we show that the learning process in education can be organized differently. But what we especially want to let you experience is that young people can make an important contribution to researching the current complex reality and how we as adults can deal with it differently, no matter what organization you work in.

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