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We would like to know which two workshops you prefer. We think we can place everyone based on their preference. But we cannot offer 100% certainty for this. By indicating your preference, we can place the four workshops in the right room. The definitive allocation of the workshops will be made upon receipt / registration on the day itself.

Enter your name and e-mail address below and indicate your preference in order from 1 to 4. We place everyone as much as possible in the workshops of your choice. At the reception on 4 April you will be informed in which workshops you have been definitively placed. To be clear: you will therefore only receive a general confirmation that your mail has been received. 

At the bottom of these pages you will find descriptions of all workshops. 

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Program Day of the Learning Organization (4 April 2023)

12:00 pm - Welcome with a sandwich

12.30 pm - Welcome by chairman Eline Faber, Jildou Nicolaï from CBS Academy and Patrick Bijman, SOL Netherlands

13:00 - Keynote Peter Senge: Inner Development Goals

2.15 pm - Break

2.30 pm - First round of workshops

3.30 pm - Break

3.45 pm - Second round of workshops

4:45 pm - Closing by Peter Senge; consistency of the day

17:00 - Nazit, with snack and drink

6pm - End

Choice of 4 workshops

1. Peter Senge and the
Inner Development Goals

Everyone knows the Sustainable Development Goals. These sustainable development goals were set by the United Nations in 2015 as the new global sustainable development agenda for 2030. There is a vision of what needs to be done, but progress along this vision has been disappointing so far. We lack the inner capacity to deal with our increasingly complex environment and challenges. This workshop is about the Inner Development Goals initiative and will be hosted live by Peter Senge

Tip: from March 29-31, Peter Senge and Gustav Böll will give a Masterclass on the Inner Development Goals in Stockholm. Read more here. 

2. Learning and developing in the daily practice of organizations

In this workshop, Marjonne van den Hout will talk about her experiences with learning to learn and the influence of the context and stakeholders on the willingness, ability and permission to learn and develop in organizations. She knows better than anyone in which playing field learning and development takes place and sees both great successes and struggles. She is a passionate driver of learning in organizations and has extensive experience with various initiatives in this area. She connects and guides people to join forces, on different levels and topics.

 “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I'll remember. Let me experience and I understand.” - Confucian


3. CBS and the Learning Compass game

CBS has the ambition to become a more learning organisation. One of the initiatives developed by the CBS Academy for this purpose is the “Learning compass game”. This game invites participants to discuss issues that are important in a learning organization, such as development-oriented leadership and growth mindset.  

The questions range from individual views on learning and development to questions that invite you to reflect on the learning culture of the entire organization. The game is not only fun and challenging, but also an effective way to help your team grow and develop.
During this workshop we play the game and you can talk to CBS about how they apply this within the organization. In addition, this workshop offers the opportunity to reflect together on what this initiative could mean for your organization.

read more.

4. Young people and
Personal Mastery

In the morning of April 4, a group of young people led by Guus Geisen and Peter Senge followed a workshop in which they made Personal Mastery concrete. What does PM mean to me? Why is it important? What is the connection between PM and big goals like SDG?

The tools they use and the systemic work process can be applied in all organizations and for each individual. The young people also want to show in their own way what insights they have gained and what we as adults can learn from them. 

This is a project of SOL NL within the framework of Erasmus+ in collaboration with SOL Hungary. 

In the afternoon workshop you will be included in the output of the morning and you will talk about how the tools and the systemic work process can be meaningful for you as a person and professional, for your organization and how we can concretely get started with Personal Mastery in education.

Practical information 


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