Creating a Learning culture is the  foundation to join  the 6% best performing organizations worldwide

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Our definition of a Learning Culture

We define a learning culture as where learning and work have become completely intertwined: where staff take it on themselves not just to learn but to share and respond and turn learning into action (Nigel Paine). So a learning culture:

  • Supports an organization's desire to improve, adapt and stay relevant in the fast-paced, skills-based world of today.
  • Appreciate knowledge, skills and abilities that is acquired and applied at the working place.
  • motivations employees to develop themselves in a direction that is positive for themselves but also for the organization.
  • implementation a variety of processes and tools, which stimulate and facilitate better performance through learning.

Informal learning is the big challenge when it comes to developing a learning culture (think about the well-known 70:20:10 principle). How can we learn optimally from “on the job experience”? It's our goal to integrate learning and working into one! If you succeed in doing so, you automatically achieve Life Long Learning!

With our SOL Pro section "Learning Culture" we focus ourselves on an international audience. Sharing knowledge and experience from different cultures in different countries. Learning from each other. We started with this Learning Culture section after developing a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) named: The magic of a Learning Culture. We did this with participants from different SOL countries.

That's why all communications in this section "Learning Culture" is in English. Participants come from all over the world and learn from and with each other.

With insights from specialists like Josh Bersin, Nigel Pain and Peter Senge

Josh Bersin has done extensive research on this subject. He has found 40 so-called “high impact practices” that determine the creation of a learning culture.

These 40 high impact practices have been categorized by Bersin in 6 "building blocks" with which a learning culture can be built within an organization: Building trust, Empowering employees, Encouraging reflection, Formalizing learning as a process, Demonstrate learning's value, Enabling knowledge sharing .

As SOL, we have added two more building blocks:

  • Quality leadership (inspired by Nigel Paine)
  • System thinking (inspired by Peter Senge)

COmmunity of Practice (CoP) is a group of people who "share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly".

SOL Netherlands supports the creation of meaningful learning and working environments in which participants acquire skills "on the job" with which they can participate sustainably in new (working) situations, in order to solve challenging issues in a continuously changing society. 

Community of Practice "Learning Culture"

Members of SOL Pro "Learning Culture" meat each other, for 3 months, every 2-weeks online. SOL facilitates these sessions by asking one or more of our members to share a learning challenge; an example, struggle, mistake, problem or success of daily practice. Focused on learning from and with each other.

In this process of learning together, we create subteams and promote weekly (short) peer-2-peer communications. The focus is on developing a Vision document and / or an Action plan for developing a (more) learning culture in your own organization. Evaluating last year's learnings and creating and sharing our own learning plans for the coming year.

All members need to have direct access to the MOOC "The magic of a Learning Culture". Filled with tools, theories, models and best practices that can be of use to you.

Join our Community of Practice "Learning Culture". With an introduction fee of only € 50,- for three months (normally € 37,50 per month) for the COP that starts in January 2023.

Become a member of SOL Pro "Learning Culture"

A Community of Practice, with professionals in the field of Learning and Development.

For only €37.50 per month (with a minimum of 3 months).

Experiences & Opinions 

“Our industries are characterized by low productivity and low global competitiveness. Corporates here are struggling with creating Learning Cultures to support modern business demands. Digitalization and Covid-19 have since compounded the challenge."

Tebogo Mogaleemang (SOL Botswana)

“The timing is right. I see the environmental factors are going to push individuals and organizations to prioritize the learning agenda."

My personal motivation to join 'Learning Culture' comes from my own personal experience and belief in continuous learning. I've grown in my personal and professional life as a learner. I experimented, learned, and shouldered different responsibilities on the way. This has enabled me to have much wider horizon and greater level of personal satisfaction in my professional journey. No doubt, I was supported by many of my colleagues and my bosses in my endeavor for learning.

Maninder Khalsa (SOL India)

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