In this introduction the producers of this Learning Journey will share their basic beliefs, ideas and principles:

  • What is our vision on learning and a Learning Culture? What motivates us to work on this subject? What is it that we believe in? And what is it that we are not sure about?
  • What is the target group for this Learning Journey? What dilemma's do they face?
  • What are the goals of this Learning Journey? For you personally? For the L&D department? And for the organization?
  • What is a learning culture? Can we measure our progress? What's our starting point? Reality versus aspiration?
  • And what is the most effective way to 'travel' this Learning Journey?

Nigel Paine is specialist in the field of creating and maintaining a learning culture in your organization.

In the video above he provides a short introduction on the subject.

We as SOL see an organization as a living eco-system.

Developing Living Organizations, based on a learning culture, where there is a combination of an engaged workforce, an agile organization and more sustainable results.

juli 14, 2021

1.1 Target group

1 Lesson

1.1.1 We focus on the L&D professional

We focus ourselves with this MOOC Learning Culture on the L&D professional. Helping her or him to develop and maintain a more learning culture in their organization.

1.2 Begin with the end in mind

1 Lesson

1.2.1 Our metaphors: The power of nature

In this MOOC we use some metaphors to explain our line of thought. It's good to start with this overall view of the puzzle so you can place each puzzle piece in the right place.

1.3 Learning Journey Program

2 Lessons

1.3.1 SOL Learning Journey

The ultimate goal of this MOOC  is to provide you with ideas and inspiration to create a (more) Learning Culture in your organization. To create a working environment where working and learning become one.

1.3.2 SOL Learning Culture Scan

1.4 Learning Principles

1 Lesson

1.4.1 Change = Learning

There are some basis learning principles we use as our foundation for this MOOC.

1.5 What is a Learning Culture?

1 Lesson

1.5.1 Our definition of a Learning Culture

In this part we give you our definition of a Learning Culture with some extra context.

1.6 The SOL project team

1 Lesson

1.6.1 Let’s introduce ourselves

A short introduction of all the SOL project members. Coming from different SOL countries.

1.7 Three ways to join this Learning Journey

1 Lesson

1.7.1 Do not travel alone!

You can work on this MOOC alone, together with one or more colleagues or with support of a SOL Community of Practice

1.8 Reality versus aspirations

1 Lesson

1.8.1 We take the hard, but sustainable way!

To solve the gap between where you are and where you want to be, you can use the easy way (short term solution), or the hard way (long term solution).

1.9 Our goal

1 Lesson

1.9.1 Living Organizations

The creation of a learning culture can be compared with agriculture. Preparing the field as a fundament for creating a more learning organization.

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