What is Personal Mastery?

Taking control of your life

There are many definitions of Personal Mastery. But the common denominator of all these definitions is, that with Personal Mastery you take control of your own life.

Personal Mastery is what brings you from "where you are => Reality" to "where you want to go => Ambition/Aspiration". For this you need insight into who you are, in what you are good at and in what you can bring to this world.

IMPORTANT: Personal Mastery does not lead you to an end goal, it's an ongoing process. You can always keep on developing your SELF. It's a learning journey that never ends.

Creative tension model

With Personal Mastery you solve the tension between Reality and Vision. Between;

  • where you are (Reality) and
  • where you want to go (Vision). 

For example; you grow up in poverty and you want to change this. Then hopefully you have two choices (not everyone has the luxury to choose!).

  1. Problem solving: You start solving one problem after the other that comes along with poverty like eating (cheap) junk food, living in a (cheap) neighborhood or stopping bad habits / behavior. 
  2. Creating: Or you invest in your SELF in trying to finish school and find a good job.

This sounds like life can be planned, but this is not the case! It's good to plan, but be prepared to adjust and modify when things work out differently as planned, and they will !!!

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