Exclusive dinner with Peter Senge

If you become a sponsor of the Day of the Learning Organization

April 3, 2023, 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

The Hague

Why sponsor? 

Your sponsorship ensures that young people can think about and work on their perspective of personal mastery in education. In this way they contribute to the development of the system and the organization of the future.

How does this work?

During the Day of the Learning Organization on April 4, Peter Senge and Guus Geisen will work with a group of approximately 20 young people in the morning to create opportunities and ideas to make Personal Mastery a structural part of education. Young people of various educational institutions and ages are invited to participate for free.

To make this morning possible we need sponsors. As a sponsor you pay a one-off amount of 500 euros (excl. VAT). In return, you not only receive publicity during the Day of the Learning Organization, but also an exclusive dinner with a maximum of ten sponsors and Peter Senge on Monday evening April 3 (between 5 and 9 pm). Of course there is also a photo opportunity. A precious memory of this special evening.


A dozen sponsors will receive an exclusive dinner with Peter Senge as a thank you for their contribution.
To ensure that the dinner is as informative as possible for all parties, the participants can ask the organization their questions in advance. Peter Senge will then pay specific attention to these questions during his talk during dinner. Of course there is also the possibility to ask questions about what is literally discussed at the table. In short, an animated conversation with the founder of the learning organization. 

Start dinner: 17:00

Dinner closing: 9:00 PM


The Hague, establishment to be determined

Peter Senge

Known as the founder of the learning organization. With the book 'The Fifth Discipline' as the most important achievement. A book that is still relevant today. Although the book was written decades ago, it is still used as a foundation for organizations that want to become more learning.

Peter Senge is also the spiritual father of 'the Society for Organizational Learning' (SOL). The Organization Learning Foundation is the Dutch division of SOL Global. 

Would you like to participate in the Day of the Learning Organization? 

We can imagine that after dinner with Peter Senge on April 3, you would also like to participate in the Day of the Learning Organization on April 4. Due to the limited number of places, this day is unfortunately not included in the sponsorship package. You can of course sign up separately, but do so quickly, because full = full. 

More information can be found here. 

SOL opts for the systems approach from the perspective of nature. Nature is one self-managing, learning system. Using this system approach, you can sustainably develop a meaningful learning and working environment where employees enjoy working, where it is safe to share insights with each other and where change and innovation find their way through the organization much more easily. Developing and maintaining a culture of learning, as a foundation for developing a learning organization.

Stichting Organisatie Leren SOL Natuur


Do you have questions about the event, the speakers or the location? 

Contact Patrick Bijman, patrick.solnetherlands@gmail.com

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