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The Society for Organization Learning helps people, teams, organizations and society to deal in a learning way with complex issues. SOL does not have an instant solution ready. We do create the conditions to arrive at the best solution together.

SOL: Learning - Agile - Alive

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Learning from the system as a whole

More and more organizations want to become a learning organization. Very good, because learning organizations are flexible organizations and employees feel at home in such an organization. But the danger of this is that learning becomes an end in itself, rather than a means to an end. Experience teaches, as soon as the focus is on learning itself, this is at the expense of the learning process itself.   

The Society for Organization Learning (SOL) therefore opts for the systems approach from the perspective of nature. Nature is one self-managing, learning system, in which cells open or close to the environment, depending on the degree of stress in that environment.

This system approach is about facilitating the right learning and working environment. Learning takes place naturally. Promoting a culture of learning, as a foundation for developing a learning organization.

SOL looks at all elements in the system and what is needed for this: The higher purpose of the organization, leadership, preconditions, team dynamics and personal development. With the promise that your organization can also create a learning culture.

What can we do for you?

SOL Community
(€295 per year)

For anyone who wants to learn "on the job". We learn from, with and through each other. Every month a workshop (5 x per year) and an Open Space meeting (5 x per year) where you can present your own case.

In addition, large discounts and invitations to international workshops.

For anyone who wants to learn more about a learning, agile, living organization. Here you will find development programs, training and coaching on Personal Mastery, Team Learning, Learning Leadership, Systems Thinking and Learning Culture.

SOL Support
(on request)

SOL's professionals have all the knowledge, experience and tools available to develop a tailor-made program that can turn any culture into a learning culture. We focus on the entire system, of people, team, leader, organization and society. 

Organizations with a learning culture score much better.

Research of Bersin shows that organizations with a learning culture can respond much faster to changes in the market. Not only that, there is also higher productivity, many more employees are intrinsically motivated and employees are happier. 

A learning culture makes you an attractive employer; not unimportant in this time of shortage on the labor market. 

Yet it turns out that only 6% of all organizations surveyed have such a well-functioning learning culture, and that's a shame! 

We can help. We have all the knowledge, experience and a large network to realize a learning culture in your organization.

Are you up for the challenge?  

Join the SOL Community and download directly the e-book "The Magic of a Learning Culture".

E-book - The Magic of a Learning Culture -mock-up- _ Stichting Oganisatie Leren (SOL)

The Organization of Learning Netherlands (SOL) Foundation supports the creation of meaningful learning and working environments. Where participants learn in practice how to participate sustainably in new (work) situations. With the aim of being able to solve challenging issues in a continuously changing society.

Patrick Bijman Chairman SOL


We see a learning culture as the foundation of our work.

We always work in groups. You, me or we don't have a monopoly on wisdom. Together we have more wisdom, and we can learn a lot from and with each other. These are some of the organizations we work with.


SOL, in collaboration with Windesheim, is developing The Day of the Learning Organization on April 8, 2024. With inspiring speakers such as Margaret Wheatley, new insights and wonderful encounters! 


The Hague University of Applied sciences

Together with The Hague University of Applied Sciences, we collect and describe so-called 'good practices' from organizations with a learning culture and learning teams. 


SOL Global

SOL is represented internationally in the Society for Organizational Learning, or SOL Global. Read more about the development of our international MOOC Learning Culture.


Latest Updates & SOL Blog

Inspiration for professionals, teams and organizations. An overview of blogs, tips and tools that we use ourselves and recommend to you!

This is what our customers say

Pascalle de Looff- Sevriens

Healthcare interest Brabant- Zeeland

“During the Leadership@Work workshop, we were quickly taken on board by the experienced trainers in insights from theory and practice and we were given the opportunity to work in an interactive way with reflection and optimization of our own role as a leader. 

Thank you for the wonderful insights that have taken me one step further in forming a vision of ideal leadership.”

Stichting Organisatie Leren - SOL _ bevordert leren als mens team oganisatie en maatschappij (1)

HR team session participants

 Ministry EZK/LNV

Reactions from participants: 

"I wish everyone a lot of inspiration from this model. May it help us in contacting the organization about the learning questions."

"Great to spar across teams like this!"

"Doing more often with other subjects."

"We should do this more often."

Stichting Organisatie Leren - SOL _ bevordert leren als mens team organisatie en maatschappij

Astrid Zwegers

Board advisor RVO

Thanks to SOL's coaching, I was able to look at a piece of my personal story and see it in a broader perspective. This has made me much more visible at work, thanks in part to the conversations and the system loops we have created. Top!
In terms of knowledge, it was nice that models were available that I could use to better understand and explain the learning organization theme. That was exactly what I was looking for.

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The Organization Learning Foundation (SOL) is located in Haarlem. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 41211494.
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