Creating a Learning Culture together

A Learnathon is an (annual) meeting with its own staff where learning projects are started, evaluated and/or terminated. With the help of a Learnathon*, employees are personally involved in their own development and that of the organization. Ideas for a Learning Culture are introduced, discussed and elaborated by the participants themselves.


A learning organization scores better in areas such as productivity, profitability and innovation. But setting up a learning organization is no mean feat. The basis for this lies in a (strong) improvement in the empowerment of the employees. Experience shows that the road to this leads to the development/stimulating of a learning culture† Research shows that in a learning culture 8 out of 10 employees are empowered! A Learnathon can make a positive contribution to this.

Learnathons also ensure continuity when the process towards learning culture has already started. Meeting periodically (annually?) automatically creates a learning cycle with a natural evaluation and reflection moment.



It often takes many years to develop a truly learning culture. This requires behavioral change that can only be achieved by committed and motivated employees.

During an (annual) Learnathon, learning projects are started, evaluated and/or completed. The ownership of the participants is high if they receive the necessary trust, support and appreciation from the management for this.

A Learnathon is being organized by and for our own employees† Sol professionals can be asked to support this process.


An (annual) Learnathon takes at least half a day, and preferably a whole day. In principle, only those employees who choose to do so take part in this.

Depending on the size, the Learnathon offers (parts of) the following:

  • Discussing existing projects aimed at a learning organizational culture (introduced by internal project leaders, HR staff, individual staff members, etc.).
  • Inspiration in the form of short workshops/training such as systems thinking, organizational constellations, Personal Mastery, Learning Organization Practice Teams.
  • Suggestions for new projects aimed at developing a learning organizational culture (from own employees).
  • Securing or opening up the (learning) results within the organization (HR / ICT, etc.).
  • The (annual) completion of a questionnaire by employees, with which the path towards maturity of the learning organization can be visualized.
  • Recording + making visible the results of all these activities (both hard and soft results) through evaluation and communication.

customization: It is our (international) experience that the Learnathons grow annually in size and quality. They become 'checkpoints' in a growth towards a learning culture. If (much) external support is still needed during the first learnathons, after a number of years, the management is usually completely taken over by the company's own employees. The organization of a Learnathon is therefore tailor-made. Practice shows that Learnathons are organized for groups of various sizes (from 10 to 500 people). We would be happy to discuss with you to come up with a suitable proposal.


* The word 'learnathon' is derived from the concept of Hackathon. A hackathon is a meeting of (originally) software and website developers, designers and business strategists to work together on a theme. The goal is, usually within 24 hours, an innovative and creative solution is devised on a certain theme or to solve a problem of a company.

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