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Corporate rebellious about Buurtzorg

Three core beliefs: Buurtzorg's team management is based on three core beliefs: Employees (Buurtzorg calls them 'professionals') are self-reliant Employees do the right things Employees can be trusted They believe that team management can only be done well

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Stimulate learning in a hybrid work environment!

Many organizations currently have a Hybrid Working programme. This mainly consists of the renovation of the office building and connecting all employees to an Office 365 package or something similar, so that employees

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Systeemdenken Stichting Organisatie Leren

How systems thinking helps society (or not)

The article by Thalia Verkade in De Correspondent about Systems Thinking inspired Rembrandt Zegers and Eline Faber to zoom out further, with the question: does systems thinking help us as a society, or does it not?

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Systemisch Transitiemanagement SOL Nederland

Read the book Systemic Transition Management!

Book tip: Systemic Transition Management by Maaike Thiecke and Bianca van Leeuwen. This book is based on Hellinger's basic systemic principles of Inclusion, Order, and Exchange. The authors expose a process in the undercurrent of 'the

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Leren faciliteren interview SOL

Facilitating learning

Patrick Bijman, chairman of SOL Netherlands, saw a few years ago society's latent need for the concept of 'learning', and two years ago set himself a gigantic, uncanny goal: SOL would

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Change, do you believe it yourself?

It's half past four in the morning. I wake up early again and then I often read, trying to get another hour of sleep. But today that doesn't work. The book

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Broken social contracts

More and more you see conflicts in which a social contract is at stake. That is to say that a conflict will take place beyond the social order; beyond how certain groups are used to dealing with each other

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How do you develop a learning culture?

Learning culture as a basis for empowerment? Or vice versa? Imagine..... A match-8 in which two men row full of energy in the right direction. Five men don't really try hard and paddle a bit

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History SOL Netherlands

The Netherlands was one of the first countries to establish a Society for Organizational Learning.History Organization Learning (SOL) Organizational Learning (OL) activities in the Netherlands started in 1990, when Arie de Geus (co-founder of the

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