SOL is specialist in the field of
Personal Mastery

With SOL we focus on learning as a person, as a team, as an organization and as a society. To support this, we also pay attention to Learning Leadership and Learning Culture. The basis for all this is formed by learning as a Human.

People with a high degree of Personal Mastery are able to shape and content their own future to a large extent. They ask themselves the question "What is reality?" Then they look at “What do I want to create? The difference between reality and ambition leads them to "Creative tension". They use their own mindset, skillset and toolset to realize their ambition.

Learning organizations do not exist, it is the people in the organization that develop, so that organizations become more learning. Personal Mastery plays a central role in this. Focused on growth in professional and personal development. We have expressed our vision on this in our E-book Personal Mastery.

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SOL Nederland supports the creation of a learning culture in which participants acquire skills 'on the job' with which they can participate sustainably in new (work) situations, in order to solve challenging issues there, in a continuously changing society.

To help the Learning Human to develop Personal Mastery, we as SOL have developed four tools. These are listed above. In this part of SOL Pro an overview of the guidance, training and coaching in the field of Learning as a Human.

SOL Pro: Guidance, training & coaching

SOL has developed a Community of Practice focused on Personal Mastery. In this intervision program the concepts Mindset, Skillset & Toolset are central. 

In addition, there is the annual program "Boost your SELF". click here For more information.

SOL Support: In Company process

SOL supports organizations to enable their employees to learn collectively. Learning from, with and through each other is central to the in-company process. Practical research shows that this is not only much more effective as individual learning, it is also much more fun!

Nicolette Green

Specialist Personal Mastery

Nicolette Groen: initiator of Personal Mastery

With the Organization Learning Foundation (SOL) we divided the tasks in the development team. Nicolette Groen is responsible for the Personal Mastery component.

Nicolette is a personal team coach and specialist Strong Points (Strenths). It is her mission to make working in organizations more fun and more successful. By making the workplace a place where people can be happy and engaged. And where people can use their talents and where they want, are allowed and can learn.

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