SOL grants

SOL uses subsidies to start up (learning) processes. To get the flywheel moving, after which organizations can further develop, develop and implement it independently.

Which grants do we focus on?

We focus on grants where "learning" is central.

With SOL we obtain subsidies on a national and international level. Not as a subsidy agency, but as a partner organization for projects aimed at learning and development.

We are substantively connected in one way or another in all processes for which we, as SOL, receive subsidies. As a supervisor, coach, advisor, project manager, etc

Example: SLIM Subsidy

Subsidy for SMEs

SLIM stands for Subsidy Scheme for Learning in SMEs. The purpose of this scheme is to contribute by means of a subsidy to initiatives in SMEs and large companies in the agricultural, catering or recreation sector, aimed at stimulating learning and development (source).

We have experience in applying for SLIM grants in the following areas: 

  • Applications for individual companies
  • Applications for partnerships
  • Applications for developing a (more) Learning Culture in your own organization

As SOL, we are looking for practical examples of social learning, aimed at sustainable production/distribution.

We would like to do our best to apply for a subsidy for these practical examples. 

At SOL we work from an integral/systemic vision that we believe is necessary to shape the necessary transitions (food, energy, climate, etc.).

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The Organization Learning Foundation (SOL) is located in Haarlem. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 41211494.
Our bank account: NL55 TRIO 0254 8476 33. You can reach us via:

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