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With SOL Academy you can develop yourself in the field of learning as a person, team or organization. Targeting (independent) coaches, trainers and advisors, and HR professionals from profit & not for profit organizations.

We learn from, with and through each other

With the SOL Academy we offer various, often long-term development programs. Everything is aimed at sustainable development of the participants.

Developments go fast. As a specialist in this field, you regularly run into things that you are unsure about or that you have not done before.

At SOL ACADEMY you get direct access to specialized knowledge, skills and experience in your field. And at the same time you are a source of knowledge, skills and experience for third parties!

We develop participants with attention

  • Me & Myself (development & reflection), 
  • I & the Other (collaboration & co-creation), 
  • I & the System (integrality & coherence), 
  • Me & the NOW (applying knowledge and skills in practice)

Our workshops, training and development programs

Below is an overview of our offering.

Please note: We encourage everyone to follow learning/development programs together with a colleague, friend, etc. as much as possible. Reality shows that, especially if these are online processes, there is a much greater chance of completing this successfully if you do this together with others!

What we found in our (limited) research in four organizations in four different countries was the confirmation that in a learning culture working and learning become one, with less need for Life Long Development and / or up-skilling pathways.

Personal Mastery: Boost your SELF


MOOC "The Magic of a Learning Culture"


The Organization Learning Foundation (SOL) is located in Haarlem. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 41211494.
Our bank account: NL55 TRIO 0254 8476 33. You can reach us via:

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