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In addition to regularly receiving inspiration, insights and invitations to activities, 'friends of SOL' are also asked to think along and give their opinion.

What does "Friend of SOL" mean?

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The latest insights regularly in your mailbox

We believe that creating a learning culture requires a broad approach. In the SOL Community you learn in an accessible way how to create a learning culture and what is needed for this.

If you become a friend of the community (for free), we will help you with the latest insights and practical examples. You will also receive invitations to interesting (online) lectures and meetings. 

Are you ready for the next level? Then you can always choose one membership in the SOL community. Or look at our SOL Academy.  

Become a friend of the SOL Community

Inspiration, insights and activities

As a friend of the community, we will regularly ask you what you think about something. We hope that you will share your insights if, for example, we want to work on a new area of knowledge. Or perhaps you can give us advice if we want to share the results of certain studies.

That is of course free. We hope that this will also give you new insights. And if you have any suggestions (without a specific question from us), you can of course also contact us directly!

You can become a Friend of SOL (for free) using the link below. 

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