In Company program 

Develop your employees as a Human and as a Professional!

Organization Learning Foundation (SOL) promotes learning as a person, team, organization and society.

There is no Learning Organization. It is the people who learn and who ensure that an organization has and keeps a reason for existence!

Personal Mastery is the foundation of all learning. By investing in people, the results improve and the organization becomes an increasingly attractive employer.

Read here how we help develop Personal Mastery in organizations (profit & not-for-profit). We always do this in coordination with the organization itself (customization).

Developing Personal Mastery within your own organization: Why, How & What?


Personal Mastery consists of two parts. Grow as a person & grow as a professional. The latter can best be done within the organization on the basis of daily business practice.


Ultimately, Personal Mastery is about changing attitudes and behaviour. This is a long-term process that benefits from a familiar / safe environment in a recognizable and recurring rhythm.


We offer a customized process in which the customer himself determines what is outsourced and what is done by the organization itself. With the aim of ultimately executing and supervising everything in-house.

Personal mastery: why


Stichting Organisatie Leren - SOL - what-if-we-train-them

Investing in Personal Mastery pays off! Directly in higher yields. But in the long run also through greater attractiveness as an organization. 

It is very important for organizations to pay attention to Personal Mastery.

Employees will perform better as they grow as a person. They know better and better what their qualities are and are using them more and more consciously. They gain more self-confidence, which benefits their input and contribution. But the most important thing is that employees become happier in their work. This leads to involvement and a greater attractiveness as an organisation.


Practice is key

All exercises, experiments, etc. are directly linked to one or more concrete cases. The focus is always on practice!

  • Mindset: The most important thing for Personal Mastery is that the focus is on developing a so-called Growth Mindset and the necessary curiosity. 
  • Skillset: We mainly focus on developing those qualities and talents that are naturally present. We develop these into so-called "power skills" (I & myself, Me & the other, I & the system).
  • The toolset we use has a recognizable/recurring rhythm. Aimed at ultimately developing a different attitude and behaviour.


At Personal Mastery we opt for customization. We only work with motivated employees.

Employees are asked to write a motivation letter for a place in this Personal Development Programme. This ensures commitment and involvement. For them a E-book Personal Mastery available. And we regularly organize online information.

The basis for this is the development program "Boost your SELFA program associated with the Community of Practice "Personal Mastery". 

Agreements are made with the organization about cooperation with the Personnel/HR/L&D department. Who does what and how will SOL's contribution be phased out? read our brochure for more information and background.

The objectives are determined by the participants themselves. This in coordination with their team/department (manager).

A nice example of that Learning on the Job at Danone

Our heartbeat method (creating learning moments every year, every quarter, every month, every week and every day) comes out nicely at Danone with "one learning a day".

Yes, I am interested in the in-company Personal Mastery program. Please contact me.

Nicolette Green &
Patrick Bijman

Specialists Personal Mastery

Nicolette Groen & Patrick Bijman: tractors of the
In Company trajectory "Personal Mastery"

With the Organization Learning Foundation (SOL NL) we have divided the tasks in the development team. Nicolette Groen & Patrick Bijman are responsible for the part "In Company trajectory Personal Mastery"

  • Nicolette is a personal team coach and specialist Strong Points (Strenths). It is her mission to make working in organizations more fun and more successful. By making the workplace a place where people can be happy and engaged. And where people can use their talents and where they want, are allowed and can learn.
  • Patrick is a business coach and looks at the bigger picture. His challenge lies in formalizing informal learning. In other words, making all that learning visible / measurable that is invisible to many people. The focus is on realizing results in practice (learning not as an end, but as a means).
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