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With the SOL Community we learn from, with and through each other. We meet ten times a year. Five times in an Open Space meeting where community members can raise an issue themselves. And five times for participating in a SOL workshop. In addition, you will receive (free or discounted) access to various SOL knowledge sources (national & international).

What does the SOL Community mean?

Learning from, with and through each other every month

We know that you can learn a lot from fellow professionals (and they from you!). What we do is "facilitate learning". Simply by bringing together professionals with similar interests. Where we learn from, with and through each other. 

We meet online 10 times. We only skip the months of July and December. Look for the dates the following link.

Membership of the SOL Community costs €295 per year.


As a member of the SOL community you enjoy many benefits. But the most important thing is that you can develop yourself in the field of learning as a person, learning as a team, learning as an organization and/or learning as a society. We at SOL offer additional depth in the field of Learning Leadership (prerequisite) and Learning Culture (foundation).

At SOL it is always a mix of give and take. We learn from each other, so you can learn a lot from fellow SOL members. But everyone can also learn a lot from you. So we ask everyone to actively share learning experiences themselves.

As a SOL member you have the following benefits: 

  • Participation in 5 workshops per year (free / normally € 45 per workshop). See SOL Agenda
  • Participation in 5 Open Space meetings per year (free / only accessible to SOL members). With the option to submit your own case! See SOL Agenda
  • 20% discount for participating in our annual Learning Organization Day. See this link
  • Access to the MOOC "The magic of a Learning Culture" (normally € 195 per year). See this link
  • As an organization, you receive a discount when registering multiple people: 20% for 2nd person, 40% for 3rd person and 50% for 4th person. Registering more participants is only possible through a tailor-made program.
  • Access to SOL's other activities, national and international (online sessions with Peter Senge, Jeff Miller, Robert Hanig, Daniel Kim, etc.)
  • Blogs about learning as a person, team, organization and society (with the challenge of writing a blog yourself that will be distributed within our SOL community / approximately 400 in the Netherlands).

Are you ready for the next level? Then you can always choose SOL ACADEMY  (floor) or SOL SUPPORT (In Company processes).

Target group SOL Community

Stichting Organisatie Leren SOL TEAM

Who are members of the SOL Community?

With the SOL Community we focus on 2 target groups.

Firstly, on professionals who work in profit and not-for-profit organizations in positions that focus on "people" in the broadest sense of the word.

Of course the HR / L&D employee, advisor, professional. But also those professionals and managers who want to get the best out of themselves and their team(s).

Secondly, on the (independent) coaches, trainers and advisors who work for these organizations.

The Organization Learning Foundation (SOL) is located in Haarlem. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 41211494.
Our bank account: NL55 TRIO 0254 8476 33. You can reach us via:

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