SOL Pro is an (online) learning environment for professionals who are involved in the field of learning in their work. For example (independent) coaches, trainers and advisors, and HR / L&D professionals from large(r) organizations.

We learn from, with and for each other

With SOL Pro you get access to six learning environments where specialists, including you, share knowledge and experiences with each other. Each of the six members of the SOL team manages a learning environment and ensures that it is filled with best practices, interesting training, theoretical models and practical inspiration. You will also regularly receive invitations for inspiring online and offline sessions. 

Developments go fast. As a specialist in this field, you regularly run into things that you are unsure about or that you have not done before.

At SOL Pro you get direct access to specialized knowledge, skills and experience in your field. And at the same time you yourself are a source of knowledge, skills and experience for third parties!

You will have access to six learning environments and in this way you will learn about all aspects of a learning culture.

We believe in the learning system as a whole. 

Get access to six learning environments: 

  • Learning Man: Consciously engaged in learning, personally and professionally. Seeing and recognizing beliefs and blockages. That's how you learn as a person. With Nicolette Green. 
  • Learning Teams: Building trust, being able to handle constructive conflict and appreciating differences in the team. A team that learns can move mountains. From M1 to M4. With Eline Faber.
  • Learning Organizations: Gain insight into all aspects with which you create a learning environment in an organization and how you keep an organization in a learning atmosphere. Your organization can also learn. Of Guus Geisen.
  • Social learning: Many major issues have divergent interests and no ready-made solutions. Learn how to get answers to questions that no one has an answer to yet. With Rembrandt Zegers.
  • Learning Culture: The sustainable basis for achieving a learning, agile and lively organization. Only 6% of the organizations has it and scores high on productivity, innovation and employee wellbeing. With Patrick Bijman.
  • Learning Leadership: Working on your personal leadership based on Mindset, Skillset and Toolset. So that you as a leader create a learning environment for your employees. With Frans Beskers.

SOL offers you: 

  • One live meeting every year, for inspiration and sharing experiences (our annual Day of the Learning Organization)
  • Online meetings and training.
  • Possibility for (live or online) intervision.
  • Interesting articles, recent research, inspiring books and lectures
  • A direct link with the SOL expert in your specialism/field.
  • Thé place to learn from colleagues in your field.

The foundation of SOL PRO is a learning environment where all participants feel safe to share personal experiences. As SOL, we are able to create such a safe learning environment like no other. 

Join SOL Pro

Learn from peers and gain access to recent research, inspiring speakers and interesting articles. 

Try it out for 3 months for only € 50,- (normally € 37.50 per month)


Frequently asked questions and answers.

What are the 6 learning environments for me?

You have access to all online learning environments of the above six sections.

With this you are broadly informed and, if desired, you can also find information in additional fields/specialisms. 

what is the benefit of the e-learning?

Each section (field/specialty) has its own E-learning. This is used by SOL Support for coaching and training (blended E-learning). But this can also be used independently by SOL Pro members for making (internal/external) advice, action plans, etc.

what is the connection between sol NL and other Sol countries?

SOL is active in many countries. All SOL country organizations have their own foundation, association, cooperative and related substantive specialism(s).

Together we work on a number of international projects. Are you interested? Let us know and we will look at the possibilities to link you to this.

what is the connection between the various fields/specialisms?

System thinking is central when it comes to organizational learning. An integral view of the whole, with attention to cause and effect, is of great importance for optimal learning as a person, team, organization or society.

At SOL Pro, the facilitators ensure that this part is regularly discussed. Attention is also paid to this component in the underlying models and E-learnings.

Can I also let my colleagues join/watch/participate in SOL?

As a member of SOL Pro you can invite interested relations or colleagues to participate. For this we have our offer to participate for 3 months for only € 50. To really experience the value of SOL Pro it is necessary to be connected a little longer.

The Organization Learning Foundation (SOL) is located in Haarlem. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 41211494.
Our bank account: NL55 TRIO 0254 8476 33. You can reach us via:

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