In this online session we share knowledge, skills and experience in developing, implementing and maintaining a Learning Culture. This is based on a so-called MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). This has been developed in collaboration with a number of other SOL offices/countries.

We are currently in the phase of collecting reflections & best practices. We would like to talk to experts by experience to share our knowledge, skills and experience in this area. Are you such an expert? Are you interested in this topic? Then sign up for this free session.

For whom?

Professionals who have built up knowledge, skills or experience in the subject "Learning Culture" based on interest or daily practice.

The MOOC Magic of the Learning Culture is made up of the following parts:

  • Introduction: In this an explanation of the program and the five metaphors we use. Piece by piece connected to nature.
  • why? This contains an explanation of the potential results that can be achieved. If everything is 'right', the organization will become a 'member' of the 6% best performing organizations in the world.
  • how? In this section an explanation of our Change from Within methodology. The most important insight is that the focus should be on "care, facilitation and inspiration".
  • what? We are currently busy filling this part of the MOOC with Best Practices. Completion is planned after the summer of 2022.

MOOC: The magic of a Learning Culture

The Problem:

How do we create meaningful learning and working environments in which participants acquire skills "on the job" with which they can participate sustainably in new (working) situations, in order to solve challenging issues in a continuously changing society?


With a Learning Culture everything falls into place. Working on your fundamental LEARNING CAPACITY that empowers staff, teams and organization to constantly improve, innovate, adapt and learn from it. With effects that reinforce each other. 

What we ask

We ask all participants to take a serious look at the MOOC The Magic of a Learning Culture and to give us reflection based on the following questions:

  • Do you recognize the problem (introduction section)?
  • Do you see the importance of developing a Learning Culture (section Why?)
  • What do you think of our Change from Within approach (section How?)
  • Do you have additional suggestions for conducting interviews / research in daily practice (section What?)
  • What would you like to tell us in the rest of the process of developing this MOOC?

Participation in the knowledge sharing session on April 20, 2023 is FREE.

All participants receive a free login to the MOOC The Magic of the Learning Culture

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