We support organizations in their ambition to develop a (more) learning culture. At SOL Support we provide customization. Together with the client, we look at what is needed. We use learning and development programs, or we design a new program together, in which we learn by doing. 

What do we offer:

Experienced advisors and coaches

At SOL Support you initially work with the SOL Team. They have earned their stripes in different aspects of the learning system. SOL also has a large network of experienced advisors and coaches with diverse talents and fields of expertise. 

Sustainable development of a learning culture

We don't go for a quick fix. Creating a learning culture is a journey of development across the organization, so yes, in the boardroom too. We work from the model of the learning system that was originally developed by Peter Senge. Each of the components of this model matters and we have developed practical working methods, programs and training for each of the components.

Together with you, our client, we look at where the greatest need lies and where the greatest impact can be achieved. We work where the energy is already there. Or just where all the energy has leaked out. You don't scare us with neglected teams, hassle or tension. For us, that is precisely information that we can work with. Negative emotions show great involvement, so we like to work with that. 

Informal and formal learning

Many organizations focus on formal learning, such as training courses and workshops, and this is where a lot of learning budget goes. We as SOL also have an offer for this, but it is not what makes our hearts flow. 

The greatest gain can be achieved in the 'formalization of informal learning'. Each individual employee becomes consciously proficient in recognizing and acknowledging learning situations in daily practice. This requires a learning culture at all levels of the organization.

It requires frameworks, methods, instruments and resources to deal with your work in a learning way. It requires moments of reflection, a clear vision, and the identification of concrete results. Every organization can learn this, and we help you with this.  

Stichting Organisatie Leren - SOL - Eline Faber

In-company programs 

  1. Personal Mastery: an in-house tailor-made program, based on an annual program in which employees write their own learning contract, get to know and develop their own qualities better (Clifton strength analysis), reflect weekly with colleagues and briefly record their own learning experiences on a daily basis. With the focus on learning in and from their daily work practice.

  2. Learning Practice Teams: Training and coaching. For teams that stand for solving complex issues or realizing innovative applications. After a three-day training, we guide teams with a coaching program of 4 to 8 months, in which we focus on learning. This method leads to better results, motivated employees and a sustainable development model.

  3. Learning Leadership: the leadership of the middle management is to a large extent decisive for the success of creating a learning culture/learning organization. We offer a three-month lead-time program that focuses on developing a meaningful learning and working environment as the foundation for sustainable results.

  4. Learning Culture: a culture of learning is a precondition for developing a (more) learning organization. To achieve this, an integrated combination of three programs is recommended (people, team, leadership). The major challenge lies in starting the process towards a learning culture. For this we respond to existing needs, energy, experiences and qualities present in the organization.

  5. Learning Organization: organizations that have the desire to become more learning can learn a lot from each other. We facilitate this learning from, with and through each other by organizing a network meeting four times a year for teams that are internally responsible for this.

  6. Learning Society: For solving problems that no one has an answer to. With our knowledge of and experience in the social field, we support groups with diverse interests, by creating a trusted learning and working environment in which all parties involved feel heard and seen.

Work forms and workshops

Short / powerful:

  1. Systems Thinking / The Iceberg (Guus Geisen)
  2. Shared vision (Eline Faber)
  3. Learnathon (Patrick Bijman & Eline Faber)
  4. Organizational constellations (Eline Faber)

Long / Durable:

  1. Development trajectory Learning Culture (Patrick Bijman & Eline Faber)
  2. Development trajectory Learning Human (Nicolette Groen & Patrick Bijman)
  3. Development trajectory Learning Teams (Eline Faber, Patrick Bijman, Nicolette Groen & Frans Beskers)
  4. Network meetings Learning Organization (Guus Geisen & Eline Faber)
  5. Learning Society (Rembrandt Zegers & Guus Geisen)
  6. Leadership@Work (Frans Beskers, Nicolette Groen & Patrick Bijman)

Overview SOL Training

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Rock your SELF is a personal mastery program for young people. Pupils/students aged 10 to 18 develop answers to the questions themselves; Who am I? What am I good at? What do I want to create in the world? And how can I do that with respect for society?

13 Lessons - none

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Rock your SELF is a personal mastery program for young people. Pupils/students aged 10 to 18 develop answers to the questions themselves; Who am I? What am I good at? What do I want to create in the world? And how can I do that with respect for society? With the aim of gaining (more) control over their own lives.
With this so-called "Train the Trainer program", participants can support teachers in providing classroom day programs focused on Personal Mastery.

17 Lessons - none

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Organizations that develop a Learning Culture realize magical results. They become frontrunner organizations where employees are more happy and productive. Where changes and innovations get off the ground much more easy And where the organization is more flexible to deal with change and more attractive and inclusive to work for.

45 Lessons - none

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Learning Practice Teams is a proven, powerful team methodology with which you realize a meaningful learning and working environment. This forms the basis for teams to develop into so-called “high performing teams”.

A methodology that can be gradually expanded to multiple teams. Which in the long run can result in a more learning culture. We also call this the “Water Lily Model”. Water lilies are difficult to grow in a ditch. But, if one grows and blooms, the entire ditch will be full of blooming water lilies in no time.

This is how it works with LPTs (Learning Practice Teams). The first team gets the most choice. Will learn the most. Has a high stamina. Will have to prove himself first. Only then will there be more.

LPTs consist of 6 to 8 employees and tackle a concrete complex problem or (innovation) project.

1 Lessons - none

The Organization Learning Foundation (SOL) is located in Haarlem. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 41211494.
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