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June 24, 2022 (online 3pm - 4.30pm)

In this online session we introduce our vision on developing Personal Mastery. Developing yourself as a person and as a professional. We do this on the basis of the description of personal mastery below by Peter Senge (author of the book the 5'th discipline).

People with a high level of personal mastery live in a continual learning mode. They never "arrive." †Peter Senge)

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For whom?

Young professionals (first or second job) who know or experience that continuous development is the most important part for keeping pleasure in their daily work and for their career!

Personal Mastery consists of the following components: 

  • Mindset = Wanting. Mindsets are powerful and often have a huge influence on behaviour, often unconsciously.
  • Skillset = Ability. Talents are our innate abilities, what we do without even thinking about it and what we enjoy doing.
  • Toolset = May. Which instruments can you use yourself? How far will you go? The real leather is on the edge of your comfort zone.

However, the most important aspect of Personal Mastery is at the center of the model above (CASE† Ultimately, it is about applying what has been learned in daily practice. How do you do this in a sustainable/permanent way? In other words, what other behavior do you develop on the basis of Personal Mastery?

The problem: learning is often a 'must'

How do you develop yourself as effectively and efficiently as possible? In a way that is also fun and challenging so that you can keep doing this endlessly? 

The solution: from need to want

The solution to the above problem lies in combining work and learning in one. By integrating learning into your daily work, you make 70% aware of your learning. By combining this with formal learning programs that fit in well with this and doing this in the right way together with others you can learn from (and vice versa) you create a lifelong learning program without this feeling like a 'must have'. In fact, you grow as a person and as a professional in your mastery!

Personal Mastery

Power Skills

Many young professionals experience a lack of skills that you have hardly learned at school or university. General skills such as communicating, being proactive and co-creating, which can make your functioning in daily work practice a lot more effective. 

At SOL, we develop participants' skills by focusing on so-called power skills;

  • me & myself: Working on your talents (strengthening your strengths).
  • me & the other: Working on your communication & teamwork qualities (with the focus on increasing your effectiveness in teams).
  • me & the system: Working on your analytical skills (creating insight into the bigger picture by mapping cause/effect relationships).
  • me & the now: Working on your action orientation (testing/developing the skills in practice with targeted actions).

SOL One Year Personal Mastery Program

SOL has developed an annual program focused on Personal Mastery. See this link.

The concepts Mindset, Skillset & Toolset are central in this program. These are developed based on the following basic principles:

  • In this program we focus on YOUNG PROFESSIONALS† People at the beginning of their professional career who still want to learn a lot, both professionally and personally.
  • In this program is the PRACTICE central. We focus on creating value in practice, whereby in addition to achieving hard results, we also grow in our 'soft' qualities.
  • We learn TOGETHER with others. We prefer to do this in a 3x3x3 context (3 colleagues work for 3 months, each with 3 concrete objectives). 
  • There is no learning without TO REFLECT† So part of the Personal Mastery process is regular reflection.
  • Ultimately it is about developing others BEHAVIOUR† This means that we work together for a long time (one year) to achieve concrete results.
  • In doing so, we focus on everyone's QUALITIES† What you are good at, that is where your strength and energy lies. 
  • We use a NATURAL YEAR RHYTHM that you as a participant can sustain for a long time. A rhythm where you think every year about "am I still in the right place?" Every quarter you make a so-called "learning contract with yourself". Each month you focus on one concrete objective. Every week you have a peer-2-peer meeting. And every day you write down your most important "insight of the day".

Participation in the knowledge sharing session on June 24 is FREE.

All participants receive the SOL E-book Personal Mastery

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