Individueel Gevorderd & Klassikaal / Basis programma

Learning Leadership

This digital learning environment provides the connection between the various components of this Rock your SELF program.

We have two Personal Mastery programs, the advanced and the basic Personal Mastery program. Below you can read all about them. 

Most important is that you start your learning journey towards Personal Mastery. We support you with these online learning tools as best as possible!

Advanced training:

This is the training for the so called "Warriors 4 the World". Young people (pupils / students) with a conscious mind that want to support their classmates / peers to develop personal mastery themselves.

In this online program you can find all tools and exercises that are used in this training.

Basic training:

This is the training for all youngster's (pupils / students) in the age of 12 to 18 in the basic principles of Personal Mastery.

This is another online program (first concept is ready October 2023).

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