The Story

Rock your SELF is a personal mastery program for young people. Pupils / students in the age of 10 to 18 develop answers for themselves to the questions; who am I? What am I good at? What do I want to create in the world? And how can I do that with respect to society?

Learning is not only about studying curriculum in school. It is also about creating a safe and rich learning environment in school, for adults and youngsters so together they can create the society they really want to live in and for. The program is supporting optimal growth for learning to be, learning to know, learning to live together and learning to do.


We focus on: 

  • Personal Leadership (Me & Myself)
  • Mindful Communication & teamwork (Me & the Other)
  • Analytical ability and Systemic awareness (Me & the System)
  • Action Orientation (Me & the Now)


The Problem:

Schools are struggling, trying to balance reality and ambition. Unesco has a clear
picture on what future education should look like (see picture above). This is a real
challenge for most schools that have difficulty enough to focus on the “learning to know” part.

For example, practice shows that schools have great difficulty when it comes to developing 21st century skills. With this personal mastery program we support schools with tools for “learning to be”, “learning to live together” and “learning to do”. By doing so we also contribute to the school ‘system’ as a whole. By focusing on the three other pillars (learning to be, learning to do & learning to live together) we know from practice that schools score better results in the learning to know part. This is because the program is responsible for a rise in the intrinsic motivation to learn (students are more motivated to go to school if they better understand the reason why).

The Solution:

With Personal Mastery we focus ourselves on the (unconscious) desire of every young person to get to know themselves better and to discover what she or he as a person wants to achieve in her or his own life.

With this Rock your SELF program, young people set to work developing conscious choices and developing the knowledge and skills required to give shape and content to this desire.

augustus 31, 2023


Advanced & Basic

What is Personal Mastery?

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