With Personal Mastery we focus ourselves on your (unconscious) desire to get to know yourselve better and to discover what you as a person wants to achieve in your own life. 

With this Rock your SELF program, you set to work developing conscious choices and developing the knowledge and skills required to give shape and content to this desire. It is based on the following principles:

  • Working on one’s Personal Mastery takes a lifetime (there is no end to it!. So we have to develop a long-term program, with a recognizable heartbeat and design, which will also empower them to practice in and among themselves on a peer-learning basis.
  • We focus ourselves on meaningful themes, action learning and personal stories to stimulate intrinsic motivation. This works out positively to the “learning to know” part (you will be more motivated to go to school).
  • We want to support schools in their challenge to become successful and engaging schools for the future. This Personal Mastery program is developed as an extra-curricular program but can be made part of the formal citizenship curriculum.
  • We want to make an impact. So everything we create is open source. Sharing our ideas, insights and learning’s. And inviting as many schools as possible to start working with the results.
  • To develop Personal Mastery we need a balance in thinking, feeling and acting. For this we use the head, heart and hands model (see below).
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