rock your self personal mastery for young people

Rock your SELF is a program for young people to find their inner balance as a human being. With the goal to make (more) conscious choices in life, and to end up behind the wheel of their own development.


We are looking for professionals that want to join our Inspiration Counsel for this Erasmus+ Rock your SELF project.

In 2023 & 2024 we have 4 online meetings planned for this Inspiration Counsel

  1. Overall ideas / planned curriculum Rock your SELF (projectplan Erasmus+ / May 2023)
  2. Training Young Warriors (September 2023)
  3. First experiences in practice (schools in Hungary & the Netherlands / December 2023)
  4. End results + dissemination (June 2024)

Personal Mastery...

Rock your SELF is a personal mastery program for young people. Pupils / students in the age of 12 to 18 develop answers for themselves to the questions; who am I? What am I good at? What do I want to create in the world? And how can I do that with respect to society?

Why Personal Mastery at school? 

Schools are struggling, trying to balance reality and ambition. Unesco has a clear picture on what future education should look like (see picture below).

This is a real challenge for most schools that have difficulty enough to focus on the “learning to know” part. For example, practice shows that schools have great difficulty when it comes to developing 21st century skills.

With this personal mastery program we support schools with tools for “learning to be”, “learning to live together” and “learning to do”. By doing so we also contribute to the school ‘system’ as a whole. By focusing on the three other pillars (learning to be, learning to do & learning to live together) we know from practice that schools score better results in the learning to know pillar. This is because the program is responsible for a rise in the intrinsic motivation to learn (students want to go to school if they better understand the reason why).


Me & Myself: 
Personal Reflection

There is the famous saying "how can you lead others if you can't even lead yourself?" Do you have a realistic picture of yourself? What is your ambition? Do you make conscious choices? Do you stick to this, also in hard times? Do you have the capacities and resilience to develop yourself? 

One example is drawing your own life-line. Making young kids conscious of the ups and downs in their own life and what caused them!

Me & the other: 
Action Learning 

In an increasingly rapidly changing world, co-creation is a must. Creating and learning together is a powerful skill that can only be learned through practice based on awareness and the art of cooperation.

One example is the assignment "make someone happy". Teams of pupils/students go outside the school and work together to help people in need of a positive experience.

Me & the system:
Looking at the whole

By looking at the big picture, you can look beyond the superficial problems and shift the focus from temporary solutions to sustainable creation and innovation.

One example is "school fights at the schoolyard". With easy to use systemic tools, young kids learn how to detect upscaling behavior towards violence. With this insight, the number of school fights decreases instandly.

Me & the NOW:
Action Orientation

All good intentions fail if they are not put into practice. Pro-active behavior is an important quality that promotes your own performance and leads to concrete results for your own life!

Young Warriors

The framework for working with young people is based on “The Warrior for the Human Spirit”. The warrior has nothing to do with aggression and fighting, but is more a fighter for a good cause.

Our goal is to select and train two or three young warriors in each participating school.  These young ‘warriors’ are trained to support the teachers when the Rock your SELF program is offered to schools. Thus we will have a team of young warriors and also a program to support teachers in schools.

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