You probably already integrated part 1, 2 and 3 of your personal Action Plan. If not, this is the time and place to do so. Focussing especially on starting up the process.

Some recommendations for this startup procedure:

  • First, as explained earlier, you need backup and support. Both from management and from your colleagues. This Action Plan, and especially your vision document, probably is essential for this goal.
  • Second, startup an experiment that is big enough for cultural change, but small enough to handle. Probably with the size of one or more team(s) or department(s).
  • You need the support of middle/line/operational management in transforming ideas to reality. You can train them yourself, or make use of the 3-month Learning Leadership Program of SOL NL (4 hours/week).
  • These Learning Leaders know how to create their own meaningful working- and learning environments (in cooperation with their staff and/or with the help of a SOL Learnathon). This meaningful working- and learning environment is the foundation for personal-, team- and organizational learning.

Important: Keep the big picture in mind!

Thinking more strategically. Understand your organization. Know what's happening around you. See beyond the decisions. Declutter your mind. Get other's perspective. Learn from every experience.

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