We start this learning journey with sharing our vision on learning and the principles behing it. Giving you insight in the power of learning (Introduction module).

Then we focus ourselves on the benefits for creating a Learning Culture. For staff, teams, organization and even society (Why module).

The next destination in our learning journey is the search how to develop, implement and maintain such a Learning Culture in organizations (How module). For this we use our Change From Within model. In this model organizations are seen as living / complex systems. But this does not prevent us from using the KISS principle to make it all happen in practice. 

The last destination in our learning journey is the What module. Practical case studies of organizations where learning plays a key role in daily routine. Where staff members are inspired to share their ideas. Where there is room to experiment and to learn from mistakes. Where performance goals and professional development goals go hand in hand. Where learning from each other becomes the new normal. In short, where working and learning become one.

So, you can use this Learning Journey just for inspiration. But we challenge you to write yourself an action plan and to implement the learnings of this learning journey into practice. If possible, together with one or more colleagues.

At the end of the Why, How & What modules you can work on your Action Plan Format. To share your ideas with your managers / colleagues and start experimenting:

  • Start to describe your personal vision of what a learning culture is and what the importance is of creating a learning culture for your organization (Why).
  • Followed by your insights on how such a learning culture is optimally introduced in your organization (How).
  • And finalized by the results you expect to achieve by organizing such a learning culture in the short- and in the long run (What).

We challenge you to share this action plan with our SOL community, so we can all learn from each other.

By doing so, you receive the SOL "Learning Culture Certificate".


Resource 1

Inspiration on how to create an action plan for yourself

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