1.5.1 Our definition of a Learning Culture

Stichting Organisatie Leren - SOL - Bersin drie vlakken

Before we start discussing the pro's and con's about Learning Culture, let's give you our definition of a Learning Culture.

A Learning Culture:

  1. Enables an organization’s desire to improve, adapt and stay relevant in the fast-paced, skills-based world of today:A learning organization often is seen as an organization that is adaptable to change. We want to take this one step further. We don't want an organization dat is reactive but proactive. An organization that is flexible and "alive". 
  2. Appreciates knowledge, skills and abilities that is acquired and applied at the working place: In organizations there often is a misconception about learning. The focus is on preserving existing (formal) knowledge and making this accessible. Although this is important, the focus should be on developing and transferring new knowledge and skills. With the focus on informal learning, learning on the job!
  3. Motivates employees to develop themselves in a direction that is positive for themselves but also for the organization:There are no learning organizations. It's people that learn. So it's important to motivate your staff to invest in themselves in a way that is interesting enough for themselves and for the organization. Motivation, according to Daniel Pink, is led by purpose (interesting enough?), autonomy (my choice or your choice?) and mastery (within my range of capabilities?).
  4. Implement a variety of processes and tools, which stimulate and facilitate better performance through learning: A lot of the (formal) L&D programs are supply oriented, by offering "a library of courses". It's up to the individual, often inspired by his or her manager, to make a choice. As L&D we can do much better! For instance, we can ask people to think about what their learning-and-development plan should be over the coming months? Or create social 3 x 3 x 3 learning programs (with 3 colleague's, working 3 months on 3 learning goals).

So it's all about facilitation, care and inspiration.

Create the fundaments for learning, and learning will take off, just by itself!

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